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The Production Process of Fruit Juice Concentrates

Fruit Juice Concentrates Production Process

Fruit Juice Concentrate is the concentrated form of a freshly squeezed Fruit Juice which is produced by concentrating the fruit juice by evaporating (removing) some part of the water inside. Fruit Juice Concentrate production on industrial scale starts with the transportation of harvested fresh fruits to the fruit juice concentrate production facility. Fruits which are collected at the fruit juice concentrate production facility are first subjected to the pre-washing stage where gravel, sand and similar foreign materials are removed from the fresh fruits.
After this stage; Rotten, mouldy and unripe fruits are selected and removed on the sorting belt and the second washing stage follows. After the second washing process, the inedible parts of the fruits like stones, sticks, stems and peels are removed. After all these preparation stages of the fruit juice concentrate production; Selected fresh, clean, ripe and sound fruits are transferred to the milling process. The intermediate product, which is called the fruit mash is produced at this stage and fruit mash is then subjected to pressing process where the fruit juice is extracted out from the fruit mash. The extracted fruit juice after the pressing stage is then subjected to clarification and filtration processes respectively and finally the evaporation stage follows which is performed to produce the bulk fruit juice concentrate at the desired concentration by heating the fruit juice in order to evaporate some part of the water inside. After all these stages, the fruit juice concentrate is then packed, through aseptic filling or cold filling, into PE bags in metal or plastic drums, in bins or into food tankers with specific volumes as per customer requirements and then the packed fruit juice concentrate is transferred to the storage area.


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