Strawberry Puree, Strawberry Juice Concentrate and NFC Strawberry Juice in Industrial Bulk Pack Sizes

Strawberry Puree

strawberry puree

Bulk Strawberry Puree

• Conventional and USDA NOP organic certified strawberry puree.
• Processed from domestic United States origin or imported strawberries.
• Suitable for an extensive range of applications; From brewing to baby food preparations.
• Aseptic and frozen processing and packaging options.
• Additive-free 100% natural strawberry purée.
• Baby food quality, clean label, kosher and non-gmo options.

Bulk Packaging Options

• Bulk strawberry puree packed in pails, buckets, drums, totes and tanker trucks

bulk packaging options

* Year-round supply for annual contracts | Minimum order quantity applies | Please contact us for details

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PFV Network United States is a supplier of conventional and USDA certified organic bulk strawberry puree. Our organic strawberry purée, packed in a range of cost saving bulk pack sizes starting from 5 gallon pails (buckets) and 20 lb. aseptic bag in box, up to 55 US gal. aseptic bag in drums and in larger totes (IBC containers, bins). We handle with your conventional and organic strawberry puree orders from pail size volumes and going through pallet load and truck loads (or container loads). 100% natural additive-free bulk organic strawberry puree and pulp with Kosher, Non-GMO, clean label, baby food quality, allergen-free, dairy-free, pesticide-free is presented in a wide range of specifications in order to meet with your specific requirements for various industrial applications; From brewing (beer production on industrial scale or craft brewing) to beverages, from baby food to sauces, from fruit leathers to bakery, wine, distillery, pet food, soft drinks, kombucha tea, ice creams, technical compounds, fruit juices and nectars, flavored drinks and for several other industrial products, where supplying the raw material and ingredients in bulk packaging is crucial for cost-effective solutions. We are cooperating with the largest U.S. bulk organic strawberry purée suppliers, packers, factories, importers, distributors and warehouses at strategic locations throughout the East Coast and West Coast United States. Depending on availability, we provide free organic strawberry puree samples and we guide you through your product development process. We support startup companies with providing best prices and flexible payment terms.